Thursday, June 28, 2007

Final Photos

One more chance this evening to grab some photos of the Anastasis before she sails away. I have never seen the cargo holds so barren! While on a final walkthrough, I decided to take this frame from my office. I'd had it made in Ghana, but it didn't meet the specifications, so I had planned to just leave it behind. On my way back to the ship, I walked down the dock to grab some pictures of the two ships together, carrying the frame with me. A few people gave me a hard time about it and I joked that I would use it to frame the Anastasis. I took pictures of them holding the frame and then posed for a picture of my own. I did also get a few photos of the Anastasis and Africa Mercy together, some while standing atop a Land Rover and a few from the guardhouse. Annie's facing shore while the Africa Mercy shows her big backside.

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tyronebcookin said...

Good blog Jean,

I noticed from your email (and several others from departments on the AFM) some things never change with Mercy Ships (when there were 3)...

And that is= Constantly having to set boundaries about what constitutes an emergency and how we should not be approached on our own personal time. Its a good point that needs more attention. In any department. Helps keep ones sanity...(and violence to a minimum)

Having been the Chief Cook for the majority of the last 5 years on the CBM before its retirement (I also did a 6 month stint on the ANA just to fill in) this was the most challenging part of the job, not the food.

tyrone and stephanie