Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn in New England

It's always fun to be home this time of year. On Thursday after settling on an apartment in Brookline, MA, I took a break from planning for my move this coming week. Filled the car with gas and emptied the memory card, loaded lenses and filters into my lumbar pack, and headed to the mountains. I was too lazy to plan a hike, so I just drove along scenic routes and took photos. After the drizzle stopped and the clouds cleared, it was a gorgeous, warm autumn day.

Today we went to Maine to visit Bryan's family. I had a great time playing with Patrick and Libby. We spent substantial time playing hide & seek outdoors since the weather was gorgeous. When it was Patrick's turn to hide, I was surprised to discover that Libby could count to 13 (tho' she then jumped to 16 and 19...). I've included a few photos of them hiding behind a tree, Libby counting, Patrick sliding, and a couple from my trip to the mountains.


Tony, Patricia & Elliot said...

Hi Jean, glad to see you're enjoying yourself and getting some R&R! I can perhaps understand why that state got called New England; those gorgeous autumn photos remind me of many places back in England (UK) at this time of year! It's definately my favourite season. By the way...I thought all Americans called it Fall??!!

Jean said...

Yes, we call it fall, but since I figure there might be some international folks reading my blog, I wanted to be culturally sensitive! Even driving along the highway the colors are brilliant, so my trips to and from Boston are enjoyable.